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At Mani Farms, we make hand poured, small batch, 100% natural soy and soy blend candles, wax melts and tea lights! And guess what? We love the environment! So all our products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, cruelty and phthalate free! PLUS, our candles all come in reusable containers!

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  • Candles

    Our candles are 100% natural! Made of soy wax, that is totally biodegradeable, these candles are also environmentally friendly! We choose to use soy wax as it burns longer, has an amazing scent throw and it's completely renewable and natural as its simply just the solid form of hydrogenated soybean oil! Our candles come with cotton, hemp or crackling wooden wicks, and are scented with phthalate free fragrance oils! Candles can be used for an array of things. Everything from aromatherapy to heating a room to decoration and odour eliminations! Our candles are clean burning, and come in reusable vessles (some with lids and some without). And best of all.... if you spill some wax, NO BIG DEAL!! Soy wax can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water! No chemicals or tools needed for those "Oopsie" moments!

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  • Wax Melts

    Our wax melt collections are a soy blend, to ensure a longer lasting melt. They come in assorted scents, and colours. Wax melts are wickless and have the same amazing scents as our candles. They slowly release scents into your home as they slowly melt on a wax melter. Many people prefer wax melts to candles, as they are a safer option, without having to worry about a lit flame! They can last hours, and are reusable until the scent is no longer.  Just simply clean out the melter and add a new wax melt!!

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  • Tea Lights

    Like our wax melt collection, our tea lights are a soy blend to ensure a longer lasting tea light. They come in assorted sccents and colours too! Our tea lights, like our wax melts, come in the same amazing scents as our candles. Some people prefer tea lights to accent their tables, to release their favourite scents into a room, for aromatherapy, set a mood and more! Our tea lights come in a plastic reusable and recyclable vessle that is made to hold all the melted wax that doesnt evaporate into the air, making it a safe option and avoids mess! On average, they can last 3-5 hours, which allows people the chance to swap out their favourite scents as they please!

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